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19crowbar19 my redo :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 2 2 happy new year 19Crowbar19 :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 1 3 For ModernDaVinci :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 3 6 pokemon trainer : reaper :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 1 0 i mean what the what :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 1 1 it all makes sense now :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 2 2 memes o moosetits de ana :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 4 3 In prison (new art style) :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 0 0 Pony proportions why ARE YOU SO HARD?! :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 0 2 Chespin! :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 5 0 Moar sabers :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 0 0 Experience tranquility :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 3 2 Reiki's new cutie mark :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 1 5 Pixel bomb :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 1 0 My second spray paint :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 0 0 Awesome hood simulator poster :iconpokemonstar555:pokemonstar555 0 3

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
not much to say, i am quiet, unmotivated, easily distracted (so no frequent deviations) yet also energetic at times
and i also have a twitter

1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2. Write 13 things about yourself. 
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you.
4. Make your own 13 questions.
5. Tag 13 deviants 
6. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
7. Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this".
8. It is forbidden to not tag anyone.
9. Tag backs are allowed. 
10. Take your time

About me

(1) I am Australian and born in Australia and I love it(except when video game companies decide to give us a tough time)

(2) And I am also German (fathers side of the family)

(3) I am learning Japanese

(4) I like drawing and I have all of these ideas but I lack the motivation and there are a lot of distractions (electronic devices)

(5) I am a spiritualist (gemstones have aura and the full moon charges them and they help with emotions. That kind of stuff)

(6) my birthsign is libra

(7) I have several pokémon plushes including a little pikachu in a mega rayquaza costume And only have 1 vinyl pop figure and that's cowboy deadpool

(8) i love comedy, especially monty python or Doug Anthony all stars

(9) I am 14 years of age and male, my hair is 37.5cm long or 9 inches

(10) I'm really good at science (top of my class) but not so good at health (don't worry, I know everything it's just most of the test were in poster form) or English

(11) in the household there is me, my two little brothers, mum and my uncle

(12) I love rock and roll

(13) I have Xbox one

QUESTIONS FROM 19crowbar19
1.if you had a huge lot of money on steam,what would do with it?

I would buy every standard tf2 item for me and my friend and if any money left over, get dream unusuals (my friend comes first)
2.what do you think of my little pony?
 It's a really good show, it's in my top 10(no specific order) but I am more into what the community provides.

3.sour or sweet food?
Well, I have a fruitose  intolerance and most sour foods are too weak for me to enjoy, soo neither-ish.

4.what is you favorit part of the year?
Christmas (because friends and family) also because it hosts my favourite season: summer you beleive in ghosts?
I believe in invisible entity spirits of the mortally challenged

6.what is the wierdest dream you ever had?
I was playing frisbee with a blue monster-dragon thing that could jump really high, in sky lands (I don't like sky landers that much, so that's why it's the weirdest)

7.what is your favorite meme?
Australian memes

8. what did you want to be when you was a kid?
I wanna be a voice actor!

 9.what do you think of devianart critics?
Never met one, never bothered to read one of someone else's post.

 10. are you afraid of spiders?
Only if they are gonna kill me in my sleep(plus I live in Australia so, I am used to them but still very cautious)

 11.if you could have a superpower what would it be?
To make people happy(without forcing them) because 2 of my friends have depression and I don't like it when my friends are bored or sad or depressed. you like hats?
Yes, I own a fedora, (it's my profile pic) I also love tf2 hats

13.who is you favorite youtuber?

Kuledud3, piemations, black blues player and muselk/zylbrad
And various science guys


1. Do you Game? And what platform
2. Are you religious? If so mind me asking what one?
3. Mind taking a photo of your desk setup? (I will do mine soon)
4. What stereotypical things of your nationality do you have?
5. Favourite genre of music? And favourite bands/artists
6. Favourite genre of film? And what are ya favourite movies?
7. Favourite games?
8. What are your core values?
9. What movies are you looking forward to?
10. Do you have favourite books?
11. Do you like school or have ever liked school?
12. Do you have anything "not normal"
13. What's your most prized item?

I tag   rainbine1234   ModernDaVinci  YouLittleNarrta dogefazzbear


how do i add existing deviations to folders and remove some from featured
(all pictures in folders have been achieved through mobile not pc)
19crowbar19 my redo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 19crowbar19Demoman 'Woo!'  Conga Conga Rick and Morty Emote - I'M MR MEESEEKS LOOK AT ME!Fluffle Puff: *Pet pet*  Rick and Morty Emote - Shake that ass Rick  Conga Conga Demoman 'Woo!' 
i have my my reasons for not doing this on your actual bday but i will be unable to do so
anyway so u upload now and wish you a great year
this is just a redo of dis… but whatever
first your profile pic and now your ID hahahahahahaha*evil* Bitch-Sensei Evil Laughing Icon 
just trying something here(own song morph)
just click 2 vids at same time
Get Schwifty Chat Emoticon 

Rick and Morty Emote - Shake that ass Rick 
uhh maybe idk its kinda good
let me now what you think and try your own
it took me so long to find how to find this status update thing (the other times was mobile) now what was it now i wanted to do? oh yea, my favourite memes

OG (seriously this was posted 2007. before the reposted meme, before BF1 or anything that popularized seven nation army recently, and before that car company used sweet dreams in their ads )
happy new year 19Crowbar19
when a meme catches you're interest a gift for you  19crowbar19,  i did the made a pixel portrait

just did this for fun, did it entirely in paint

:ohnoesrambo: :Genji: :archer: 


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